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About us

Who we are

A group of activists gathered by the peaceful demonstrations during the start of the Syrian revolution to be an essential part of the peaceful movement within the city of Aleppo and after the liberation of the eastern part of the city they founded the first relief office in the Ansari neighborhood on (25 - September - 2012) and provided a collection of relief services for the families Through the Saad Foundation for Child Care and Development, Which were established and expanded to include the areas of (Eastern alansary -tel alzrazer- Almshad - Krm Jura - Saad Ansari - Alamiriya - Salah aldin - Saif aldula - Alzebdeh – Ala’thaa on (May 5 - 2013) after that the work of yhe organization expanded To include most of the neighborhoods of Aleppo liberated by the creation of new centers in various neighborhoods to meet the needs of work, and in early 2014, the organization was able to cover all parts of Aleppo liberated after made a precise census of the remaining population after the campaign of barrels that hit the city.
On (9, January ,2015) the organization was officially licensed in the Turkish city of Gaziantep with the aim of achieving the official and legal presence of the organization's work and projects and reaching greater services to our people through development and relief projects which correspond with the goals, visions and mission of its founders. Committed to the policies, procedures and forms that follow institutionalizing the work and documenting it to accordance to Statutes of the Organization.

Our Vision

A fair civil society based on justice and equality and rich with science, fighting illiteracy and poverty.


The establishment of development projects that enhance the role of the Syrian civil society and express the advancement in the humanitarian and service areas that follow the cultural and civilizational heritage of the Syrian people


Providing relief and development services to all segments of society and working with all humanitarian workers to achieve the advancement of the Syrian civil society.
consolidate the status of education among all members of society as a basic need for development. qualification of community members, especially the most vulnerable, that enable them to participate in the development process.

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